Thursday, August 06, 2009

Our Secret is Out!

Wouldn't you know it...

For years we've succeeded in keeping "the secret". But a spy has infiltrated our midst. This grainy photo (obviously taken by a concealed spy camera) has shown up on the web site of a radical gorilla organization, showing Mme. Hastings concealing the little kid that actually directs us. We've all sworn an oath not to reveal her secret of standing behind "mini-maestro", hiding him from the audience while he conducts, and our congratulations to everyone for their valiant efforts over the years.

But no more... and after all of those secret hand shakes, hand signs, and code phrases (remember "Klezmer"? "Intrilligator"? "Kajootie"? ) ... The jinx is up.

Sigh...... we're gonna miss Mini....

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