Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tchai-cough,cough,cough-ski... *sniff*

Rehearsal has been called off for today (3-2-10), Mme. Hastings sounded to be not only under the weather, but a stationary cold front...

Highs today are expected to be in the third floor, with widely scattered flurries in all practice rooms during the 5:00 hour.

The forecast for Thursday looks good however. Stay tuned to this station for further developments... expositions... recapitulations...


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Upcoming Rehearsal Schedule

Here's the upcoming rehearsal schedule for this/next week:

Tues., Dec 1st - No rehearsal
Thur., Dec 3rd - Symphony run through

Tues., Dec 8th - Overture run through and Concerto 'listen through'
Thur., Dec 10th - Dr. Ross Orchestration class read through.

More to come from Mme. Hastings, watch your e-mail...


Monday, October 19, 2009

Stella receives a new podium

Mme. Hastings and the Symphony has had a quick boost. There is a feature story on our director, and a great photo montage of Stella and our last concert linked on the University home page. Do a few refreshes if necessary to get to the rotating feature story. Or go directly to http://www.pittstate.edu/stories/detail.dot?id=137156

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rehearsal Schedule for Nov. 22nd Concert

The Symphony will perform a concert of Antonin Dvorak including his Violin Concerto, featuring
Dr. Selim Giray, and Symphony No. 8, Opus 88.

Regular Rehearsal (T/Th 5:00-6:15 Kelce)

Th - Oct 01
T - Oct 06
Th - Oct 08 (NO Rehearsal)
T - Oct 13
Th - Oct 15 (NO Rehearsal)
T - Oct 20
Th - Oct 22
T - Oct 27 (Winds only)
Th - Oct 29 (Winds only)

T - Nov 03
Th - Nov 05
T - Nov 10
Th - Nov 12

Nov 17-22 Concert Week (Tutti)

T - Nov 17 – Kelce

WED - Nov 18 - Kelce

Dress Rehearsal
Fri - Nov 20 – Memorial
7:00-9:30 (if needed)

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Our Secret is Out!

Wouldn't you know it...

For years we've succeeded in keeping "the secret". But a spy has infiltrated our midst. This grainy photo (obviously taken by a concealed spy camera) has shown up on the web site of a radical gorilla organization, showing Mme. Hastings concealing the little kid that actually directs us. We've all sworn an oath not to reveal her secret of standing behind "mini-maestro", hiding him from the audience while he conducts, and our congratulations to everyone for their valiant efforts over the years.

But no more... and after all of those secret hand shakes, hand signs, and code phrases (remember "Klezmer"? "Intrilligator"? "Kajootie"? ) ... The jinx is up.

Sigh...... we're gonna miss Mini....

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